Will I Need Help to Get Pregnant After 40?

pregnant after 40

Will I Need Help to Get Pregnant After 40?

The chances of conceiving naturally after the age of 40 are significantly lower than that of women under 35, and these chances drop even further for those 45 or over. That said, it’s certainly not impossible to get pregnant after 40, so it’s worth persevering. While some women can conceive naturally in their 40s, others may need some medical help.

Getting Pregnant Naturally

There’s no way to drastically improve your fertility, but there are ways to help your chances of conceiving naturally. It’s best to be as generally fit and healthy as you can be. So, this means eating a healthy diet and getting regular light to moderate exercise. Supplements such as flax seed oil, zinc and a multivitamin specifically designed for pregnant women may also help. This will not only increase your chances of conceiving but will help you keep well when you do get pregnant.

When is it Time to Seek Professional Help?

If you’ve been trying to conceive naturally for six months with no luck, it’s probably time to see a doctor who specializes in fertility. The doctor will runs some tests on you and your partner and will give you some tailored recommendations. They may say that there’s not much they can do to help you conceive (at which point you might want to look into choices such as adoption) but it’s likely that they will suggest some options, which will vary depending on your situation.

What Help is Available to Me?

Fertility treatments become less effective after 40, but they will still improve your chances of conceiving. IVF is the most common options, as IUI isn’t extremely successful in older women. If you or your partner are having problems with fertility, there’s always the option of IVF using donor sperm and/or eggs.

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