Why is Weight Loss After 40 Harder?


Why is Weight Loss After 40 Harder?

You might have noticed yourself struggling more to ditch those excess pounds, but why is weight loss after 40 more of a challenge? There are a number of factors at work, each of which make the process of losing weight just that little bit more difficult. But, don’t lose heart, because it’s perfectly possible to fight your flab when you’re over 40.

Slower Metabolism

Yes, that old pony. While it is true that your metabolism slows down as you age, it only means that those over 40 will need to eat about 100 calories less each day to maintain the same weight, so it’s not a drastic shift. However, those 100 calories do add up, so you will need to adjust your food intake and get used to consuming less calories (although not necessarily less food).

Thyroid Issues

Thyroid issues can spring up as you get older and are likely to contribute to weight gain, making it more tricky to shift excess pounds. Women are more likely to suffer from thyroid problems than men, but that doesn’t mean men are immune. If you’re finding it very difficult to lose weight, or are gaining weight without eating more, then it’s worth getting to your doctor for a check up.

Decreased Exercise

Another reason why weight loss after 40 can be harder is because you’re less active, without realizing it. In your 20s and 30s you might be running after kids, walking to more places or generally spending more of the day out and about. This kind of activity all adds up, so if you’re getting less exercise, then you’ll definitely find it harder to lose weight. Try buying an exercise DVD, taking the dog for longer walks or taking the stairs instead of the elevator. Just simple changes will make a difference.

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